Cabin Types on Private Trans Siberian Tsars Gold
Winter Departure

Choose from 2 different cabin types, according to your personal requirements.

No matter which compartment type you choose, all of them are about twice as large as typical European sleeping car compartments.

Category IV 'Bolshoi' Night layout. Category IV 'Bolshoi' Day layout.
The BOLSHOI CATEGORY (IV) is equipped with two beds, one of which measures 1,10 m x 1,90 m, even providing room for two people if required. Furthermore, the 5,57 m² large compartments offer a cosy seating bench, a commodious table and a wardrobe. The compartment’s exclusive en suite bathroom does not only contain a washing basin, WC and shower, but also enough storage space for your personal belongings. Each car of the Bolshoi category has only six compartments.


Compartment height: 255 cm
Compartment depth: 205 cm
Compartment width: 269 cm

Bed 1 length: 187 cm
Bed 1 width: 110 cm
Bed 2 length: 176 cm
Bed 2 width: 80 cm

Small wardrobe: width 35 cm; height 46 cm; depth 85 cm
Larger wardrobe: width 35 cm: height 158 cm; depth 85 cm

Luggage storage above the door: width 118 cm; heigth 22 cm; depth 207 cm

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Category II "Superior and Classic" 2 berth. Layout day and night.  

Category II - Classic

There are 9 compartments per carriage. A compartment is shared by two guests. Berths are sized app. 70 × 190 cm and arranged facing each other. There is also a table under the window. Combined toilet/lavatory compartments are located at each end of this category’s cars. There is no shower attached to the cabin. There are 2 showers to share with the 5 carriages in this catagory.

Compartment height: 255 cm
Compartment depth: 190 cm
Compartment width: 255 cm

Bed length: 190 cm
Bed width: 70 cm
Space between the beds: 42 cm

Luggage storage under beds: height 36 cm; width 47 cm; depth 95 cm
Luggage storage above door: height 32 cm; width 159 cm; depth 68 cm

Category II – Superior

The newly refurbished Category II Superior now present interiors in a nostalgic look. The compartments have two lower beds, one on each side of the compartment and measuring 67 cm x 187 cm / 26.5 × 73.6 in.
The nine compartments in a wagon share two combination wash and toilet facilities located at each end. Depending on the train configuration, a shower facility is shared by guests from two to four sleeping cars. The sanitary facilities were also modernised as part of the refurbishment, with the wagons now outfitted with the practical vacuum toilets, which are preferable both for the user and the environment.


Catagory II - Classic
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