Private Train | tour directors guides and staff.

One overall tour directors will be on board the train full time. When visiting local sites at stops experienced and qualified local guides are used for these excursions.

Hans-Joachim Bobsin

  • studied sinology and has turned his passion for China into his career as a guide
  • he has worked in China for a long time and our guests can profit from his experience and knowledge
  • other regions with expertise: Indochina, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Tibet and of course Russia
  • in addition to German he speaks Chinese Japanese and English (fluently) and then above average French and very passable Russian!

Bernd Klaube

  • many years of experience as tour director along the Trans Siberian Railroad
  • author of  the photo essay book “Trips to Russia” (in German)
  • experience as tour director on other private train journeys as “The Baltics by Private train” or “Arabian nights by Private train”
  • in addition to German he speaks Russian and English (fluenty).

In addtion to the overall tour director there are specific on board tour guides who are dedicated to your languge group, or private group. They also run the on board speciality talks, language and cultural lessons. They accompany you on all off train excursions and do their utmost to ensure you make it back to the train for any departure!

If you are fortunate enough to have Marina as your allocated guide you are in VERY good hands!!

Another very important Russian member of the crew (on right) is the overall Train General! This is the man that deals/argues with the rail authoritaries (travel slot changes) and has the rank to organise repairs and ensure overall security. As can be seen here the local station police takes notes and act!

There are many other staff on board ensuring the smooth operation of the epic journey. From the dish washers to the train driver. From the Doctor to the guest relations officer, they all move together as a cogs do within a large engine.


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