As always, we need a bit of humour in these days! A Russian film maker has provided just that!

  • WRITTEN BY Brent McCunn
  • DATE November 26, 2020
‘Russian Cyberpunk Farm’. This superb pseudo-documentary – read satirical – film highlights the funny side of life on a technologically advanced Russian farm – but with a ‘between the eyes’ twist at the end.
Created by he Moscow based director and screenwriter Sergey Vasilyev such satire can be dangerous in Russia. Most f it is delivered in English by the main actor, but there is a bit of Russian dialogue, which is easy to interpret what is going on.Robots provide the farm labour and despite Nikolai’s feelings for a cyber-milkmaid, ‘she’ is attracted Nikolai’s tractor instead. Nikolai tries to avoid his wife who follows him in the form of a flying screen, nagging him about breeding quadcopters.
The film highlights many, quintessentially Russian problems, that remain unsolved, despite revolutionary (real and imagined) technological advancement. Although the farmers do not use roads anymore, Nikolai’s hovering car shakes just like a normal car on a the usual Russian country road, because of the “air turbulence”. It takes years for the post to arrive (a veiled dig at Russian Post’s notorious delivery times), despite being delivered by an aerial vehicle powered by an alternative propulsion source.
We sense that he has had some support – keeping the powers that be away – as the Q code on the side of a cow takes you to Roscomos – the Russian space agency ☺