Autumn on the Trans Mongolian Route

  • WRITTEN BY Brent McCunn
  • DATE October 13, 2020

We were tempted to write this post after an aerial (drone) photo came to us. It is hard to get such an image unless you are a local! The Photo shows a Russian freight train coming south, from Russia, to the Mongolian border city of Sukhbaatar. This is the place where the combined border processes are done – passport control. The city itself is not a popular stopover at all. You are warned, upon approach to the station, not to use your camera at this station border control.

This writer passed through, in daylight, during the Autumn of 2014 and as we departed we soon met the Selenge river as shown. We experienced unusual weather in that there was a brief light snowfall. This aerial photo has now been added to the personal folder as it illustrates, so well, the stunning autumn colours you can see.

Sükhbaatar is the northernmost railway station on the Trans-Mongolian Railway in Mongolia. The first railway station on the Russian side of the border is Naushki.

The main banner image is the Selenge River