Bathrooms - Toilets - Restrooms on Trans Siberian

Most Russian trains do not have retention-toilets as on aircraft. Therefore, the toilets discharge onto the track, which results in the toilets being locked about 30 min. before arriving at stations until about 30 min. after departure. They can (and do) vary according to the train, age of carriage, attendtion of the carriage attendents and how long the journey has been. They are alot better than what they were!!!

The Chinese Train (No 3 and 4) have a 1st class (2 berth) cabin configuration different to the Russian trains. They have two cabins interconnecting to 1 shared bathroom which has a shower head.

All Mongolian and standard Russian trains have a toilet and handbasin (hot and cold water) cabin at each end of each carriage - NO shower unit. Some of the newer long distance trains (Train 1 or 2) are starting to have a shower available (one) and its use is governed by the payment given to the attendent. this is completely random as to which train such a carriage is attached to. The provision of a shower on such a route can never be guaranteed, or found out in advance.


Standard handbasin
New carriage stock - on Trans Siberian long distance trains such as the 'Baikal'.
Older carriage stock on short distance trains