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Trans Siberian Railway - Trans Mongolian Railway
Trans Manchurian Railway - Silk Road Railway
China Mongolia Siberia and European Russia.
East to West and West to East.
Independent: Guided: Private Train
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From: Jane Sent: Monday, 1 May 2017 10:38 PM
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Hi Marie. We made it to Cafe Pushkin - amazing decor- especially in the loos downstairs! Fantastic weather 25deg - walking tour guide lovely- off to St P. tomorrow. Hope you're well Jane

We have been operating a wide variety of independent programmes and tours into Russia since 1989, starting with university language study groups. As Russia opened up we introduced Trans Siberian train journeys at a real price. We were the first to introduce homestay accommodation. Others were paying high costs while our clients were paying low cost! Same bed, same cabin!

We were the first to explore the BAM Trans Siberian route - previously closed to foreigners. We explored so much that our colleague, Athol Yates, wrote the definitive guide book for this route - BAM Trans Siberian Route - which has been published by "TrailBlazers" in the UK.
Trailblazers also publish the classic guide for this route, "The Trans Siberian Handbook". Following this success Athol was asked by TrailBlazers to update their own Trans Siberian Handbook ! All this experience results in;

  • great trips
  • up to date information
  • reliable partners at all stops means safety for you
  • accountability

You will also note our name is referenced in most of the guidebooks relating to these areas. In fact we have helped many of the Lonely Planet guidebook authors travel around Russia.

Financial Security
You can verify our registrations via the Australian Securities and Investment Commission website. In addition we are members of the ATAS - involving yearly audits of compliance and Helloworld - protection of your funds..

You can also select any of the cities on the map for additional information, maps, images and links to accommodation options, as they become available.

What We Offer: Types of trips: Financial Security: Visa Facilitation: All Russian Travel services. Moscow St Petersburg and Golden Ring tour programmes. Russian visa services. Your one stop Russian Gateway. Board the Trans Siberian Express for the journey of a lifetime.

Special news

Train Timetable Changes

There will be some normal changes to train timetables and some unexpected changes! It is best to be aware now for future planning. These changes relate to the Trans Mongolian route - which is the most popular.

Beijing to Ulaan Bataar and Ulaan Bataar to Beijing:
This section has 3 trains during the summer timetable and 2 trains during the winter. Wednesday (#3) will remain the same for both periods, but the other 2 trains may change days of operation. This happens every year.

Ulaan Bataar to Irkutsk and Irkutsk to Ulaa Bataar.
Train timetables between Irkutsk and Ulaan Baatar (both directions) have changed significantly from December 2017. There now no daily departures.

From Irkutsk to Ulaan Baatar you now have;
#306 MON/WED/FRI  dep at 08:08 local time ( no 2 berth)
#Nr 6 SUN dep at 08:08 local time.
#Nr 4 SAT dep at 08:08 local time

From Ulaan Baatar you now have
#305 MON/TUE/SAT dep at 15:22 local time
#5 THU all year dep at 15:31 local time.
Friday departures (Nov,2017 - May,2018, every 2nd week; Jun-Oct,2018, every week).

Therefore, depending upon the start date (=day) of the complete programme we may need to adjust your stopover period for Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Private Train Fully Escorted Exclusive Cabins

For those that do not want to use the standard train and require more comfort here is an opportunity to take a private train on set departure dates. Cabins range from simple to luxury with private bathrooms. Fully guided and a doctor on board.

2019 dates and prices up now published on our dedicated Priavte TransSiberian Website
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2018/19 New Winter Departure of Private Train

Many people want to repeat this rail journey in different seasons. Winter is one most sought after!