Cancel all plans for travel on the Trans Siberian for the time being, or any other such rail route

  • WRITTEN BY Brent McCunn
  • DATE March 17, 2020

We advised previously to reconsider, now it is do not travel. The Russian systems are slowly closing. Here are words from one of our local partners in Russia. We have not edited, or corrected spelling

The situation with corona virus (COVID19) changes quickly everywhere.
It looks, like Russian authorities are quite slow, but they already made few decisions, that could effect your passengers
who are in travel now or planning to start soon:

1. Yesterday they stopped railway connection of Russia with Mongolia

2. They restricted seriously air traffic from 11 countries (black list: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Norway and USA)

3. The formal rules in Russia at the moment: if your passengers stayed last 14 days in the black list 11 countries — they can enter Russian border only if they will go to 14 quarantine (social isolation).

I must say, that the black list is not the final one and few other countries will be included very soon.

Sorry to say it, but we must be realistic and responsable:
the situation changes so quickly, so my opinion — we have to forget about tourism for 2-3 months at least.