Corona Virus COVID-19 Should we travel now.

  • WRITTEN BY Brent McCunn
  • DATE March 10, 2020
Yes, the news is full of Covid-19 and toilet paper news. We like to ensure all are as informed with regard to travel as can be. With Italy restricting travel movement within the whole country we sense and have had input from some of our European partners, that there could be a more wide ranging reduction in movement within Europe from approx 15/03 to 15/04. This is not official, but we are building this into our contingency plans. The following press article is a sensible current summary.
We have nothing to add regarding the stupidity of panic buying of toilet paper, other than that this writer, polity, but with satire, asked some people at his local supermarket checkout what they were preparing for – respiratory, gastric, or opportunistic ebay selling?