Journey Styles

Costs depend on your choice of journey styles, from fully independent for budget-conscious and adventurous travellers, to fully guided at each stop with premium-quality accommodation and inclusions.

Independent / Weekly departure:

Designed to depart any week and includes the bare minimum of transport and budget accommodation, with arrival transfer and visa requirements. The minimum required to legally obtain a visa.


Guided / Weekly Departure:

This style means you are met at each stop and have private guided sightseeing guided. Also, many more inclusions and different accommodation level choices.




Private Train Fully Guided:

See our dedicated site for the private train journeys we offer through China Mongolia, Russia and the Orient on the Tsar’s Gold and the Oriental Silk Road trains

NOTES for Independent and guided weekly departures:
* All prices are in EUR € or US$ (as shown)- the currencies used by relevant countries for their costings. We deal with people all over the world. Quoting one currency is cheaper and more stable.
* All prices are per person.
* Twin = two persons travelling together in a four-berth cabin. Does not mean two-berth train cabins.
* Upgrade to two-berth. = We quote for upgrade to a two-berth train cabin. Where there are no two-berths available, you
buy out the remaining 2 berths.
* Single = When we quote a price for one person travelling this does not mean a single berth, or sole use of two-berth cabin on the train. There are no single berths.
* Prices are based on certain trains (ie numbers) and class type being available. On many routes there are different fare levels within the standard four-berth cabins available.

Yes, it can get complicated, but we are used to it!

All options allow full customisation. You can vary the itinerary within the limits of timetables.