Trans Siberian railway cabin layout and design

Cabin Types


Spal'ny Vagon 1st class

Kupe 2nd class

Platskartny 3rd class

2-berth with 9 compartments per carriage. Both beds at the lower level. Washroom - hand basin only with hot/cold water, and toilet are at either end of the carriage. TV (Russian only) currently only on the Trans Siberian train Rossiya.
4-berth with 9 compartments per carriage. Washroom - hand basin only with hot/cold water, and toilet are at either end of the carriage.
Open-plan dormitory cars. Fifty four bunks per carriage, arranged in groups of  four on one side of the aisle and a group of two on the other side of the aisle.

If you're unlucky enough to have a bottom bed, you have to put up with people sitting on your bed eating their dinner while you are in it. We prefer not to use these as security problems can increase and of course a lot more noisy at night!!!
We can organise these but do read this article first.


















Cabin plan (diagram) and carriage layout

Cabin plan: For a 2 berth (1st class) cabin simply take out the upper 2 bunks. You can see the 2 bag storgae areas - 1 beneath lower bunks and the other over doorway.
Bunk size: Upper and lower, 1st and 2nd class.












As long as you use common sense, lock your door at night and don't leave valuables unattended in your compartment - same conditions as on other European trains you should not encounter problems. In addition to the normal lock on the door, 'Spalny Wagon' and 'kupe' compartments have a security latch which stops the door opening more than an inch or two. This is designed to not be released from the outside. You can take a small cable lock and place it over this arrangement for further peace of mind.

Luggage storage: If you have the bottom bunk there is a large storage area underneath the bunk which you can only be accessed by lifting up the bunk bed. lifting up the bunk - in other words, for anyone to get to your bags, Your provodniks will probably lock the access doors at each end of the corridor at night to prevent unwanted visitors. There is also a luggage storage area over what would be the ceiling of the main carriage corridor. this is also only accessible from within the cabin and is used by the upper bunks

Trains in Russia are generally more secure than the streets of the cities. There are policemen (militsioners) on most trains. If you have problems ask the conductor to call them. If there are no policemen on your particular train, they can be called at the next station. If you are having any problems with the local conductor (unusual), then you need to contact the Train Master ("na`chalnik `poezda"). He is usually located in his compartment which is usually based in carriage 6 or 7. General Distress Call: In the very unlikely event you experience a problem, or are hassled by someone cry: "Pozhar!" (Fire!). This will rouse the most lethargic!


Cabin Views

Upper bunk of 4 berth cabin
Lower bunk of 4 berth cabin
One bag storage area - over entry door
2 berth cabin older cabin fit out
Room for more
2 berth cabin new cabin fit out
4 to a table
Picnic with locals
Looking out to fold down seats in passage