Independent Tour - Set Departure Date

Budget Trans Mongolian Journey

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From the cobblestones of the Forbidden City to
the cobblestones of the Hermitage St Petersburg.

For those who want a budget programme, but would like to maximise their chances of being with other people travelling on a similar itinerary, but not necessarily doing what you are doing, we have a set departure date per month.

Our budget programmes are not tours and the idea of setting one date a month is to allow you the choice of meeting other people on a similar itinerary.

Lets face it most independent travellers look for others doing what they are doing to increase security and hopefully decrease costs. Our set departure dates assist with this idea.

In summary - you can travel any week with our budget programmes,
or you can target the set monthly date to maximise your chances of meeting other travellers doing the same trip.

  • The costing shows the rail journey portion:
  • Either West to East, or East to West
    St Petersburg to Beijing, or visa versa.
  • Our Beijing packages can be added either before departure from Beijing, or after arrival at Beijing.
  • St Petersburg can be taken out for those that wish to finish, or start at Moscow.