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Almaty to Ashgabat and Ashgabat to Almaty

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English language No: 2018  
Almaty to Ashgabat K4 29 MAR to 11 APR  
See itinerary below K10 03 OCT to 16 OCT  
Ashgabat to Almaty T4 28 MAR to 10 APR  
See itinerary here T10 03 OCT to 16 OCT  


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This journey makes you familiar with the manifold cultures along the legendary Silk Road and numerous localities that made history, among them no less than 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Tien Shan Mountains, the Central Asian countries of Turkmenistan,
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are richly endowed with history and culture, a flavour of which you will sample on
this exciting journey by Private Train.


Day 1 Welcome to Almaty
Arrival and transfer to your hotel.
Day 2 Almaty: The Father of Apples
In the morning a city sightseeing tour of Almaty, situated at the foothills of the northern Tien Shan Mountains. There are attractive, wide, tree-lined avenues, many parks and street cafes. Visit the Zenkov Russian Cathedral, one of the world's tallest all wood buildings.A lunch will be at a special Yut Restaurant. From here you will return to Almaty to board your private train the 'Registan'. Overnight on board.
Day 3

Nomad’s Pilgrimage Center: Turkestan
After breakfast and lunch on board you arrive at the city of Turkestan in Kazakhstan (border formalities occur comfortably in your cabin). You will see the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi (UNESCO World Heritage Site) with its dome hall, monumental mosque and well house. Then your Private Train will travel on to Tashkent in Uzbekistan. (BLD)

Day 4

Tashkent, the Green Oasis
In the morning your Private Train arrives in Tashkent at the foot of the Tien Shan Mountains. On your sightseeing tour you’ll experience the green oasis of the Steppe: the Madrasah Kukeldash, the Kavoj and Amir Timur monuments and the opera. In the evening you will attend the famous Tashkent Navoy Opera (depending on the schedule). Afterwards your Private Train departs for Kazakhstan. (BLD)

Day 5

Travelling through time
During the night, your train passes through mountainous territory. The Greek heritage has been preserved in this inaccessible mountainous region and cultural influences of the Bactrians and the Kushan Empire also survive here. Fire worship and shamanism are still practiced here in the form of rituals and myths seldom found elsewhere. Trade caravans once travelled through these narrow mountain gorges and the armies of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Timur (or Tamerlane) also passed by here. A traditional ceremony offers you firsthand insight into the region’s unique folklore. Your journey then continues along the Great Silk Road aboard your train to the green city of Shakhrisabz, the birth place of Timur. Your sightseeing here includes the monumental architecture of the brutal Mongol ruler’s great palace from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and a visit to the bustling marketplace. In the evening you depart for Samarqand on your private train. On board you are invited to a tasting of Uzbek wines.
The night is spent on the train. (BLD)

Day 6

Samarkand–– The Crossroads of Culture
Today is spent visiting the sights of this famous historic city, which during the rule of Timur was considered the world’s most beautiful and prestigious city. The Necropolis of Shah-e Zinde (the living Shah), the excavation sites at Afrosiab (with a museum tour), and Registan Square are certainly among the most notable architectural ensembles in Central Asia. It is also historically important, as the site where many Uzbek women burned their veils (paranjas) in 1917, to signal their arrival in a new era. The night is spent in a Samarqand hotel. (BLD)

Day 7

Samarkand, the Magnificent
You visit a silk carpet factory and an Uzbek craftsman’s family, see paper manufactured from mulberry bark, the observatory of Ulug Beg, the ruins of the Bibi Khanum Mosque and the palace-like Gur Emir Mausoleum. You will spend the second night in your hotel. (BLD)

Day 8

From Samarkand to Khiva
In the morning there is free time to explore Samarqand until your Private Train departs for Khiva around noon. Spectacular landscapes await you. Overnight in your Private Train. (BLD)

Day 9 A Fairy Tale of 1001 Nights
Today you will visit the oasis of Khiva, a fairy tale from 1001 Nights – in stone. Standing at the mighty town wall with its gates and bastions of mud brick you feel transported into another world. On your sightseeing tour of the oasis you have a chance to take in its exotic atmosphere. Its palaces, mosques, minarets, mausoleums, and madrassas (Muslim religious schools) represent one of the best preserved ensembles of medieval oriental urban architecture in the world. You enjoy lunch in the surroundings of the former emir’s Summer Palace.
You spend the night is spent on the train. (BLD)
Day 10

Bukhara, the Noble
Located in the middle of the Kyzylkum Desert, Bukhara has some one thousand architectural monuments recalling the golden age of the Great Silk Route. Exotic spices, furs, and especially silk were stored and traded then in the city’s caravanserais. In Bukhara’s Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage), you see the almost fifty-metre tall Kalyan Minaret and the Lyab-I Hauz Ensemble by the pond. Dinner is served in a madrassa courtyard, with musical accompaniment, local dances, and a presentation of colourful national costumes. You spend the night in a hotel in Bukhara. (BLD)

Day 11

Mausoleum of the Samanid
Bukhara, which also bears the by-name Sherif (the noble one), has preserved its ancient oriental countenance in its extensive, unparalleled collection of authentic architecture. In the morning, we drive you to the splendid Mir-e-Arab Madrassa and the Samanid Mausoleum, one of Central Asia’s most beautiful architectural treasures. Afterwards you tour the massive Ark Citadel, a city within a city that was once the seat of government of Bukhara’s former rulers. There you view the Throne Room, after which you visit the last emir’s Summer Residence. Before your train continues its journey that evening you are invited to meet with the Imam of Bukhara. You spend the night on the train. (BLD)

Day 12 Merv, the Ancient Pearl of the East
Your private train arrives toward morning at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Merv, the remnants of what was once one of the world’s largest and most magnificent cities. The initial impression is of disbelief: gigantic walls and ramparts simply standing in the middle of the desert next to the imposing ruins of ancient buildings such as the Tomb of the Sultan Sanjar, the Maidens’ Castle (Kyz Kala), the historical ice-houses, and other tombs. Lunch is eaten with a local family in their home’s picturesque courtyard. The night is spent in a hotel in Ashgabat. (BLD)
Day 13

Former Royal City of Nisa and today’s Capital Ashgabat
In the morning you are driven to the ancient Parthian city of Nisa. After lunch you take a guided tour of the modern-day capital, with its distinctive appearance so characteristic of Turkmenbashi, the self-proclaimed “great leader of all Turkmen”. Hollywood-style settings throughout this city flush with new-found oil wealth can be impressive, but sometimes also cause a chuckle. In the afternoon you take a guided tour of the National Museum in Ashgabat, where you view artefacts excavated from the ruins at Nisa and gain insight into the development of a culture shaped by various peoples, ethnicities, and religions. In the evening you are brought to the airport. (BLD)

Day 14 Ashgabat— An epic journey comes to an end!

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