Trans Mongolian Classic Journey



From the cobblestones of the Hermitage in St Petersburg to the cobblestones of the Forbidden City in Beijing

  • START & END St Petersburg ➔ Beijing
  • COUNTRIES Russia, Mongolia, China
  • DISTANCE 8,254 KM
  • NOTABLE LANDMARKS The Winter Palace in St Petersburg; Irkutsk and Lake Baikal; the Mongolian Steppes; the Forbidden City in Beijing

Your Itinerary


Arrival and sightseeing in St Petersburg


Depart St Petersburg for Moscow


Train from Moscow to Irkutsk


Arrival at Irkutsk and transfer to Lake Baikal


Depart Irkutsk by train for Ulaanbaatar


Depart Ulaanbaatar for Beijing


The direction of this itinerary is Eastward (West to East) St Petersburg TO Beijing. Here is the Westward (East to West) itinerary.

Departures (start – arrival day) from St Petersburg every Friday and Saturday. Depending upon the start date (=day) of the complete programme we may need to adjust your stopover period for Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

A leisurely journey on the world’s greatest railway, a journey linking two great, if contrasting cultures… from St Petersburg to Moscow, then eastbound across the endless forests of Siberia, then south across the Mongolian steppes, and so to Beijing. Recommended for travellers who seek to explore in depth.

The itinerary detailed here uses the standard train and is for more independent travellers. If you prefer different levels of travel comfort, do consider our luxury private train options.

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