It’s the locals who make the difference…

  • WRITTEN BY A Fellow Traveller
  • DATE June 5, 2019

Any tour operator is only as good as its ground operators.  The people on the ground must do their damnedest to remain knowledgeable, capable and tireless, sometimes working long hours and surmounting communication difficulties.

For these two happy travellers, our people in Mongolia and across Russia delivered in spades.  Now read on…

Well, we have finally come back to earth after our amazing Trans Mongolian adventure.

Thank you for all the hard yards, Helen, especially for all our many enquiries and requests we kept bombarding you with.

Where to start…

Your people in Mongolia were brilliant. Our guide Tunga has an incredible wealth of knowledge and her way of imparting this knowledge was both interesting and entertaining. Tingel our driver was a sweetheart, he treated me with kid gloves and is a perfect gentleman.

At Lake Baikal, the service was also brilliant the whole way. Damian, our guide in Irkutsk and Baikal, was also excellent, though we had a bit of a rocky start. He also gave us so much information. Our Victory Parade was certainly a highlight and although it was rather cold we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for including it in our itinerary.

In Moscow, such a beautiful city, we had as our guide Anastasia.

What can I say… we spent hours with her on our walking tour I am sure, much more than we should have. Again the following day was above and beyond what we expected. Her knowledge and the way she imparted it is impressive. She also gave us many tips for the last day when we were on our own and kept iterating to call her at any time if needed. Needless to say we didn’t have to as she had explained everything to the last detail. Such a lovely helpful and genuine person.

Although Tatiana in St Petersburg was unavailable, she kept in touch with us at all times via WhatsApp and made sure everything was in order. Our driver Yuri was lovely and helpful and also checked to make sure things were okay.

Your people in Ekaterinburg were good, too. Dimitry our driver and guide was very pleasant. We were lucky to have two songs sung for us by a church school group at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They were so happy to welcome travellers from Australia, and couldn’t believe we had travelled so far. Our transition from home stay to the hotel went smoothly. Vladimir, our walking guide, again was informative and we were lucky to experience a church service with him. I think we saw most of the city!

This post is extracted from a testimonial contributed by clients Mary and Rachel.