Russian Railways upgrades services on the journey of a lifetime, the epic Moscow – Vladivostok Trans-Siberian route operated by the famous ‘Rossiya’ train

  • WRITTEN BY Brent McCunn
  • DATE August 19, 2020

The 9,259 km (5,752 mile) journey between Moscow and Vladivostok aboard the famous Rossiya (No. 2) train will now take 8 nights, one longer than the previous schedule, but now departing daily.
Travellers will enjoy the enhanced amenities of the new rolling stock, including USB ports, personal-combination safes and hot shower in every car.
A new Moscow-Vladivostok train will also be introduced, still using good-quality rolling stock and departing every 2 days. Train 62, as yet un-named, will take up the faster 7-night schedule formerly operated by the Rossiya.
International train services connecting Russia, Mongolia and China remain cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.