Trans Siberian Train Information

Fast train ('skorry poezd') - Trains are numbered from 1 to 160.
Comfortable and fast (in relation to the whole system) trains with minimum stops - only the larger stations.
More convenient arrival and departure hours - departure at night, arrival at the morning (main destinations).
Average speed - 70-90 km/h.

Fast train with a 'Theme' name ('firmeny poezd') - The same as number one, but with cleaner carriages and potentialy more polite attendants. Ticket costs on these trains are higher than other trains.
Examples are;
The 'Rossia' travelling between Moscow and Vladivostok
the 'Krasnaya Strella' or 'Red Arrow' between Moscow and Petersburg.
Average speed - 60 km/h

Passenger train ('passazhirskiy poezd') - Trains are numbered from 170 to 870. They look the same as other intercity trains, but 'stop all stations'.
Average speed - 40-50 km/h.

Speed train ('skorostnoj poezd') - Trains are numbered from 161 to 169.
Comfortable trains with an average speed of 100 km/h. Limited routes - NOT on the Trans Siberian routes.

Each train has about 7-18 sleeping carriages of mixed  types ('sostav' or 'poezd') with additional carriages such as a baggage and restaurant carriage. There is also one carriage for the train superintendent - head conductor ('nachalnik poezda'). this carriage usually has a large looped radio aerial on its roof, and is usually situated in the middle of the train.