We have just received a ‘selfie’ from one of our private guides in St Petersburg. She (in centre) is pictured with 2 of our transsibers. We are often asked, ‘what clothes will I need for winter in Russia?”. Here is a good example of street wear for winter sightseeing! On board the train it is nice and warm – you can walk around in shirts and jeans. BUT, when you get off you need proper clothing!

If you come from Europe, North America, New Zealand, or southeastern Australia you will only need to make sure you have thermals, sensible shoes/boots, a hat, gloves and scarf. Over that a decent wind proof jacket on top of a warm jacket/puffer or other. Otherwise your general clothing from home (similar climates as those mentioned above) you should be OK.

You could also pack your swimwear if the mood takes you one day and you try an ice swimming hole! Some locals can dress a bit differently, considering the weather.

Feedback from clients in picture;


Just a quick word to thank you for organising our recent trip to St Petersburg. It was great in all respects and everything went smoothly from the train from Helsinki, the Nevsky Forum which was brilliant as well as our guide Tatiana. She was very professional, articulate as well as being good fun. Thanks once again and you should be hearing from our friend regarding a trip in October.

Regards Frank and Gayle