Trans Siberian Railway History

Some Train Facts

The Trans Siberian from Vladivostok to Moscow will take you 152 hours and 27 minutes if you do it non-stop! Hey, and people complain about 24 hours flying time from London to Sydney!!!

Europe and the Atlantic were joined by rail to the Pacific in September, 1904. However, the railway as we now see it was finished in 1916. Overall it took 13 years and 4 months to build.

Length: 9289 kms (Vladivostok-Moscow)
Time zones crossed: 7
Cost: US $320,000,000.00
Travelling Time: 7 days
Stations: 295
Gauge: 5 feet (3.8m), double track
Rolling stock: Mostly electric with some diesel

Train Photo Gallery

Here you will see pictures of the trains from both outside and inside. Keep scrolling down.....

The Classic Phrase - Moscow Vladivostok!
What it used to be like - 'hungry' consumers along the line.
sch-el.jpg (69582 bytes)
When the main haulage was all STEAM!!
The first Soviet diesel engine -- Designed by the Russian engineer Gakkel in 1924. Last seen at Khovrino station
C-2000 Steam
What is used to be like further back - The first steam train
Built by Cherepanov and his son in the years 1833-34. In 1836 the Cherepanovs constructed a railway from a place known as the Vyiskii Factory to the nearest copper mine. This was a total distance of about 3.2 Km (two miles).

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